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About Us

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About Stronger Than Silence


We are a survivor-led organization dedicated to elevating the stories of women who have survived and thrived after experiencing domestic abuse. We believe that our voices will change the culture of silence and shame around domestic abuse, and help other women experiencing abuse feel more empowered to leave their circumstances.

One in 3 women report intimate partner violence in their lifetimes, from all backgrounds, demographics, education levels. Yet there is almost no national dialogue on the topic in mainstream media or social media.

We can change this. And there is nothing more powerful than survival stories of women who have built new lives after leaving a violent or otherwise abusive situation and are thriving. Stories which give humanity, relatability, inspiration, hope to an issue that can feel so overwhelming, depressing or alien.

First and foremost, the reason to push forward on capturing and sharing these stories is that they can help women who are in the middle of an abusive situation feel less isolated and shameful – and in turn seek help sooner. The lack of public dialogue on this topic unfortunately can contribute to individuals feeling like they are the only ones going through abuse at home and/or that there is no way to get out and live in a healthier, happier way. Hearing stories of women who have survived and thrived can change this dynamic.

As we share these powerful stories, Stronger Than Silence also has a fundraising mission to help domestic violence shelters and service organizations across the country do the important work to help women transition into safer situations and rebuild their life. We take a holistic view of how domestic abuse must be stopped: before it starts (prevention through awareness and education); early intervention and reduction of stigma for those in an abusive relationship (providing hope/inspiration through our stories); and funding of resources for survivors leaving their abusers.

About Our Founder

Our founder, Mira Denning, survived a physically and emotionally abusive relationship of almost ten years. After going through her own recovery and transition period, she began to share her story on her personal social media pages. And then she had an “AHA” moment – while women would routinely come to her privately for help and support when they read her story, there was almost no public conversation on social media or mainstream media about domestic abuse. Recognizing the extreme silence on domestic abuse publicly was in sharp contrast to the stories routinely shared with her privately, not to mention the national statistics – Mira decided to start Stronger Than Silence.

Mira has a diverse background from her 20 years in Corporate America, entrepreneurship, health care and fundraising for domestic violence causes. A Harvard English grad, you can regularly find her reading a good book in her downtime. She now lives in Florida with her young son.

Contact Us

To contact us, please message us on Facebook or Instagram @stronger.than.silence!

If you need help with an abusive relationship or have safety concerns, please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline via phone at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), via text by texting 'START' at 88788 or via live chat at

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